Saturday, June 23, 2012


In March we headed to San Antonio to see Becca, Ashton, Ella and Piper.  First thing we did was take a boat cruise of the Riverwalk.  It was so beautiful and being on the water felt so nice.  When we left Spokane it was 27 degrees so the sun felt wonderful and seeing them was fabulous.  Here we are on the Riverwalk.

              Denny and Ella and I found some old pictures to look fun to be with family.
                                 Ashton is overseeing our meat being cooked.  It was delicious
Here we are in Lockhart Texas at a famous bar b cue.  The food was amazing  and we enjoyed being in this building from the early 1900's. 
Ella and I made some pretty amazing cupcakes.  We made bears, pigs,monkeys and just plain ones.
                                                               It was lots of fun.
Piper enjoyed being with GeGe and Papa.
Ella and her papa are always together having fun.   We also went to see a Rodeo and just enjoyed the Texas lifestyle.  We had so much fun and I cried when we had to leave.  When we flew into Spokane it was 15 degrees...we were not prepared for that.  We will return.