Sunday, January 29, 2012


Andy and Stefany moved to Jacksonville a few months ago.  They took Macy with them (RATS) but had twin boys in November.  Zackary Denis and Nickolas Steven were being blessed on January 8th.  We met up with Stefany's family in Denver and flew together to Florida.  These are adorable babies and I am not just saying this because I am their "GeGe"...which means grandma in Hendrickson.  Macy was such a cute big sister and we fell in love with all three.  We all went to church, took lots of pictures, went out to eat a lot, held those babies a lot, we even found time to shop and last but not least we played with Macy.  She loved going on walks and Den and I just walked all over the beautiful apartment complex area.  There is a swmming pool, tennis courts, ponds filled exotic birds. We just had a fabulous time and I cried all the way to the airport.  We loved being in the sun.  When we landed back in Spokane it was 16 degrees.  Oh to be in Florida again!!!


  1. I hope that is both of the twins...I could not tell by the angle who was who and then we lost our pictures of the walks with Macy...this is a smidgen of what we did.